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    • Alfa Romeo Giulia

      Alfa Romeo Giulia

      Starting Price: AED 159,900

      From sensible to sensational the various Giulia models are here to lure you into the world of Italian style.

    • MINI 3 Door

      MINI 3 Door Hatch

      Starting Price: AED 176,000

      A modern take on the original MINI design continues to be a popular choice for premium small car buyers.

    • Mercedes A-Class

      Mercedes-Benz A-Class

      Starting Price: AED 179,800

      Smallest model in the Mercedes-Benz family provides your introduction to the brand with premium features and excellent safety.

    • Mercedes-Benz A-Class Sedan

      Mercedes-Benz A-Class Sedan

      Starting Price: AED 182,000

      Mercedes-Benz's smallest sedan provides everything from fuel efficiency to incredible performance in a compact premium package.

    • Infiniti Q50

      Infiniti Q50

      Starting Price: AED 189,000

      Infiniti's most popular sedan comes well-equipped with up to 400hp for a great combination of performance and luxury.

    • Infiniti Q60

      Infiniti Q60

      Starting Price: AED 224,900

      Infiniti's Q60 coupe stands out with its beautiful design and powerful engine choices to create a disruptive alternative to mainstream rivals.

    • Toyota Supra

      Toyota Supra

      Starting Price: AED 229,000

      The Supra is back! Avid sports car fans will know this steed well, and the newest version doesn't fail to impress.

    • BMW Z4

      BMW Z4

      Starting Price: AED 233,000

      The BMW Z4 is a pure roadster with a long swept bonnet and comfortable seating for two.

    • Ford Mustang

      Ford Mustang

      Starting Price: AED 233,900

      Ford's popular muscle car is one of the most iconic sports cars on UAE roads.

    • Lexus RC

      Lexus RC

      Starting Price: AED 240,000

      The Lexus RC is your gateway into the world of Lexus performance coupes, available with a range of engine options.

    • Chevrolet Camaro

      Chevrolet Camaro

      Starting Price: AED 257,500

      American muscle car continues to be a huge success after 50 years of tyre-spinning joy.

    • Cadillac CTS-V

      Cadillac CTS-V

      Starting Price: AED 364,800

      Cadillac's flagship performance sedan provides supercharged V8 grunt for incredible speed combined with a luxurious interior.

    • BMW M2 Competition

      BMW M2 Competition

      Starting Price: AED 365,000

      The M2 Competition delivers blistering performance combined with modern refinement and features.

    • Maserati Ghibli

      Maserati Ghibli

      Starting Price: AED 369,000

      Maserati's sporty sedan is offered in a range of versions - all fitted with a turbocharged V6 engine for plenty of roar.

    • Lexus GS

      Lexus GS

      Starting Price: AED 380,000

      Premium sedan from Lexus is fitted with a fuel-efficient but powerful hybrid setup with a long list of luxurious features.



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