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    • Hongqi H5 Dubai

      Hongqi H5

      Starting Price: AED 92,900

      Mid-size sedan from new UAE entrant Hongqi packs a great amount of features in a sub-100k package.

    • Mazda 3

      Mazda 3

      Starting Price: AED 95,900

      Mazda 3 is one of the most well-equipped small cars money can buy and is available as a hatchback or sedan.

    • Alfa Romeo Giulia

      Alfa Romeo Giulia

      Starting Price: AED 99,900

      From sensible to sensational the various Giulia models are here to lure you into the world of Italian style.

    • Mazda6

      Mazda 6

      Starting Price: AED 109,900

      Mazda's flagship car, the Mazda 6 comes with great features across a range of model options.

    • Peugeot 508

      Peugeot 508

      Starting Price: AED 109,900

      The updated Peugeot 508 pairs modern convenience and equipment with a unique design at a competitive price.

    • Hyundai Sonata

      Hyundai Sonata

      Starting Price: AED 123,690

      Hyundai Sonata provides for a range of budgets with fresh styling and modern features.

    • Nissan Altima

      Nissan Altima

      Starting Price: AED 126,629

      One of the most popular sedans on UAE roads continues to impress with powerful engine choices and great features.

    • Mercedes-Benz A-Class Sedan

      Mercedes-Benz A-Class Sedan

      Starting Price: AED 128,500

      Mercedes-Benz's smallest sedan provides everything from fuel efficiency to incredible performance in a compact premium package.

    • Honda Accord

      Honda Accord

      Starting Price: AED 129,900

      The Accord continues to be one of Honda's best sellers with modern styling and a range of options to choose from.

    • Mercedes CLA

      Mercedes-Benz CLA

      Starting Price: AED 135,049

      The second generation of the popular CLA refines the fastback style with a range of modern upgrades.

    • GAC GA8

      GAC GA8

      Starting Price: AED 136,500

      GAC's largest sedan model is fitted with a huge range of features normally reserved for much more expensive cars.

    • Nissan Maxima

      Nissan Maxima

      Starting Price: AED 138,967

      Nissan's largest sedan is filled with features from even the entry-level model and is both powerful and safe.

    • Chevrolet Malibu

      Chevrolet Malibu

      Starting Price: AED 144,500

      Malibu offers a good choice of different options all in a well-proportioned sedan with a couple of different engine choices.

    • Toyota Avalon

      Toyota Avalon

      Starting Price: AED 144,900

      Toyota's flagship sedan packs numerous features with advanced safety technology for a comfortable, secure ride.

    • Tesla Model 3

      Tesla Model 3

      Starting Price: AED 159,900

      The fully electric Model 3 manages to walk the fine line between price, comfort, performance, and convenience perfectly.



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