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    • Toyota Avanza

      Toyota Avanza

      Starting Price: AED 63,500

      Toyota's smallest MPV can be purchased as a commercial vehicle with open rear compartment or with a 7-seater interior.

    • Suzuki Ertiga

      Suzuki Ertiga

      Starting Price: AED 63,900

      Compact MPV will appeal to those who want the convenience of 7 seats with the manoeuverability of a small car.

    • Nissan Urvan

      Nissan Urvan

      Starting Price: AED 85,000

      Passenger or cargo van from Nissan offers flexibility and a huge amount of space with standard or oversized versions available.

    • JAC M5

      JAC M5

      Starting Price: AED 88,095

      JAC's full-sized van is large without being bulky, with spacious seating for seven.

    • Toyota Innova

      Toyota Innova

      Starting Price: AED 99,650

      Innova seats eight people in a fairly compact MPV package.

    • Toyota Hiace

      Toyota Hiace

      Starting Price: AED 103,900

      Popular van model from Toyota can be purchased as a panel or commuter van.

    • Kia Carnival

      Kia Carnival

      Starting Price: AED 108,045

      Eight-seater MPV offers plenty of space and stays low to the ground for better handling and easier access than an SUV.

    • Honda Odyssey J Dubai

      Honda Odyssey J

      Starting Price: AED 109,900

      Odyssey J positions itself as a cheaper alternative to the regular Odyssey but still manages some helpful features.

    • Toyota Previa

      Toyota Previa

      Starting Price: AED 132,200

      Large MPV from Toyota can be purchased in either seven- or eight-seater configuration with ample space for all.

    • Honda Odyssey

      Honda Odyssey

      Starting Price: AED 142,900

      Honda's family-oriented minivan ticks all the boxes you would expect of an MPV with a few variants to choose from.

    • Chrysler Pacifica

      Chrysler Pacifica

      Starting Price: AED 174,900

      Minivan from Chrysler offering impressive features and a huge equipment list is a great choice for the family.

    • Toyota Granvia

      Toyota Granvia

      Starting Price: AED 177,000

      Luxury van transports 6 passengers in plush leather armchairs for a true business class experience.


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