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    • Chevrolet Trailblazer

      Chevrolet Trailblazer

      Starting Price: AED 150,000

      The off-road focused Trailblazer packs V6 grunt and a seven-seat interior with a range of model options.

    • Hyundai Santa Fe

      Hyundai Santa Fe

      Starting Price: AED 152,040

      Seven-seater SUV gives you the choice of 2WD or 4WD at a competitive price.

    • Mazda CX-9

      Mazda CX-9

      Starting Price: AED 159,900

      Mazda's largest SUV has seven seats and plenty of features to keep your family comfortable and safe.

    • Nissan Pathfinder

      Nissan Pathfinder

      Starting Price: AED 169,846

      Pathfinder has great features, a powerful engine, and 4WD capability to help you find your way on any terrain.

    • Kia Telluride

      Kia Telluride

      Starting Price: AED 178,500

      Kia's newest SUV is fully packed with the latest features and comes with either a 7 or 8 seat layout.

    • Chevrolet Traverse

      Chevrolet Traverse

      Starting Price: AED 179,000

      Seven or eight-seater SUV offers versatility and space in a package that isn't as bulky as some of the competition.

    • Land Rover Discovery Sport

      Land Rover Discovery Sport

      Starting Price: AED 185,325

      The Discovery Sport offers decent off-road capability along with a premium interior and an extensive list of optional extras.

    • Dodge Durango

      Dodge Durango

      Starting Price: AED 185,900

      Dodge's only SUV offers ample space with a couple of different engine choices and a range of features.

    • GMC Yukon

      GMC Yukon

      Starting Price: AED 191,400

      Popular large SUV from GMC offers huge interior space with equally huge engine options and plenty of features and comfort.

    • VW Teramont

      Volkswagen Teramont

      Starting Price: AED 193,498

      Large SUV from VW will transport your family with plenty of space, and provides excellent value for money.

    • GMC Acadia

      GMC Acadia

      Starting Price: AED 195,600

      The Acadia is a great sized SUV with space, comfort and safety for the whole family.

    • Ford Explorer

      Ford Explorer

      Starting Price: AED 197,900

      The Explorer is a great family SUV with seating for up to seven and a range of models to fit your budget.

    • Chevrolet Suburban

      Chevrolet Suburban

      Starting Price: AED 211,000

      Largest SUV on offer from Chevrolet has an enormous amount of space to suit even the largest of families.

    • Volvo XC90

      Volvo XC90

      Starting Price: AED 224,900

      SUV packed with advanced safety features is also luxurious and comfortable for up to seven.



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