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6 models found

  • GAC GA4

    GAC GA4

    Starting Price: AED 59,850

    Mid-size sedan from GAC offers some great features with a clean, elegant design.

  • GAC GS4

    GAC GS4

    Starting Price: AED 69,150

    The GAC GS4 represents excellent value for money with the backing of a 5-year warranty.

  • GAC GS3

    GAC GS3

    Starting Price: AED 69,825

    Urban SUV from GAC delivers good fuel economy, a five-star safety rating, and plenty of comfort.

  • GAC GS7

    GAC GS7

    Starting Price: AED 85,050

    Mid-large sized SUV from GAC has loads of standard features making it a bargain at the price.

  • GAC GA8

    GAC GA8

    Starting Price: AED 105,000

    GAC's largest sedan model is fitted with a huge range of features normally reserved for much more expensive cars.

  • GAC GS8

    GAC GS8

    Starting Price: AED 120,750

    Largest SUV on offer from GAC seats seven of your friends or family in comfort and safety.


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