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9 models found

  • Infiniti Q30

    Infiniti Q30

    Starting Price: AED 106,000

    Hatchback with sporty looks and a raised ride-height is a good choice for the UAE's urban adventurers.

  • Infiniti Q50

    Infiniti Q50

    Starting Price: AED 123,400

    Infiniti's most popular sedan comes well-equipped with up to 400hp for a great combination of performance and luxury.

  • Infiniti QX30

    Infiniti QX30

    Starting Price: AED 136,400

    The QX30 sits on the same platform as the Mercedes GLA and is fitted with the same excellent 2.0L turbo engine.

  • Infiniti QX50

    Infiniti QX50

    Starting Price: AED 142,700

    QX50 comes in a range of versions each with a powerful 2.0L turbo engine for a premium small SUV experience.

  • Infiniti Q60

    Infiniti Q60

    Starting Price: AED 159,600

    Infiniti's Q60 coupe stands out with its beautiful design and powerful engine choices to create a disruptive alternative to mainstream rivals.

  • Infiniti QX70

    Infiniti QX70

    Starting Price: AED 162,900

    One of Infiniti's most popular models continues to be a good option with both V6 and V8 engine choices.

  • Infiniti Q70

    Infiniti Q70

    Starting Price: AED 180,300

    Large sedan from Infiniti offers a calm, comfortable environment with ample features and powerful engine choices.

  • Infiniti QX60

    Infiniti QX60

    Starting Price: AED 196,700

    Infiniti's smaller seven-seater model provides room for the whole family without the bulk of a huge SUV.

  • Infiniti QX80

    Infiniti QX80

    Starting Price: AED 261,000

    Infiniti's largest SUV offers premium comfort in a huge, spacious package with seating for up to eight.


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