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6 models found

  • Land Rover Discovery Sport

    Land Rover Discovery Sport

    Starting Price: AED 185,325

    The Discovery Sport offers decent off-road capability along with a premium interior and an extensive list of optional extras.

  • Range Rover Velar

    Land Rover Range Rover Velar

    Starting Price: AED 210,105

    The newest edition to the Range Rover stable is the award-winning Velar - slotting in-between the Evoque and Sport models.

  • Range Rover Evoque

    Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

    Starting Price: AED 230,055

    The smallest Range Rover is a premium-level urban adventurer with 4WD capability.

  • Land Rover Discovery

    Land Rover Discovery

    Starting Price: AED 308,175

    Discovery continues to be one of the leading off-road vehicles with interior refinement to keep you comfortable on all terrain.

  • Range Rover Sport

    Land Rover Range Rover Sport

    Starting Price: AED 398,370

    Slightly smaller than the full-sized Range Rover the Sport is packed with equipment and premium materials throughout.

  • Range Rover

    Land Rover Range Rover

    Starting Price: AED 449,820

    Range Rover's flagship model is packed with premium features for one of the ultimate luxury SUV experiences available.


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