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  • Renault Symbol

    Renault Symbol

    Starting Price: AED 36,645

    Small sedan is offered in a few different trim levels - all presenting great value for money.

  • Renault Megane

    Renault Megane

    Starting Price: AED 51,713

    Mid-sized sedan comes in a handful of different trim levels for a range of flexible pricing and package options.

  • Renault Duster

    Renault Duster

    Starting Price: AED 53,445

    The second generation of this popular compact SUV continues to offer great value for money.

  • Renault Captur

    Renault Captur

    Starting Price: AED 53,445

    With the ground-clearance of an SUV and the manoeuverability of a small car the Captur makes a compelling case for itself.

  • Renault Koleos

    Renault Koleos

    Starting Price: AED 82,845

    The Koleos' distinctive look sets it apart from the SUV clutter and is available in three different versions in the UAE.

  • Renault Megane GT

    Renault Megane GT

    Starting Price: AED 94,395

    The Megane GT offers buyers a sporty hatchback at a great cost for an appealing overall package.

  • Renault Talisman

    Renault Talisman

    Starting Price: AED 112,350

    The largest of Renault's sedans offers plenty of space with a unique design for you to stand out from the crowd.

  • Renault Megane R.S.

    Renault Megane R.S.

    Starting Price: AED 130,200

    The latest Renault to wear the R.S. badge continues a tradition of pushing the limits of hatchback performance.

  • Renault Zoe

    Renault Zoe

    Starting Price: AED 136,500

    Electric car offers good range with zero emissions and zero fuel costs - but a jump in your electricity bill.


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