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8 models found

  • Suzuki Dzire

    Suzuki Dzire

    Starting Price: AED 45,900

    Small sedan based on the popular Suzuki Swift. Comes in two model variants.

  • Suzuki Ertiga

    Suzuki Ertiga

    Starting Price: AED 48,900

    Compact MPV will appeal to those who want the convenience of 7 seats with the manoeuverability of a small car.

  • Suzuki Ciaz

    Suzuki Ciaz

    Starting Price: AED 53,000

    Small-mid size sedan offered by Suzuki which is slightly larger than its sister the Dzire.

  • Suzuki Baleno

    Suzuki Baleno

    Starting Price: AED 53,000

    Suzuki's second hatchback offering alongside the Swift is slightly larger with a bigger boot.

  • Suzuki Swift

    Suzuki Swift

    Starting Price: AED 56,900

    Popular hatchback from the reliable Japanese brand. A great car for city driving.

  • Suzuki Grand Vitara

    Suzuki Grand Vitara

    Starting Price: AED 77,000

    Long-standing small/medium SUV with basic off-roading capability in a choice of 3 or 5-door.

  • Suzuki Jimny

    Suzuki Jimny

    Starting Price: AED 77,500

    Suzuki have managed to generate huge demand for its new Jimny model so snap yours up while you can.

  • Suzuki Vitara

    Suzuki Vitara

    Starting Price: AED 82,000

    Small/medium SUV with modern features. 4WD models allow for basic off-road ability.


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