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12 models found

  • Lexus UX

    Lexus UX

    Starting Price: AED 170,000

    Lexus' newest model is an urban explorer - a crossover that blends compact design with the raised seating position of an SUV.

  • Lexus IS

    Lexus IS

    Starting Price: AED 175,000

    The Lexus IS provides refinement and a wealth of features in a package that is both sporty and safe.

  • Lexus NX

    Lexus NX

    Starting Price: AED 190,000

    The Lexus NX packs a great array of features into a compact SUV package with excellent safety and reliability.

  • Lexus RC

    Lexus RC

    Starting Price: AED 195,000

    The Lexus RC is your gateway into the world of Lexus performance coupes, available with a range of engine options.

  • Lexus ES

    Lexus ES

    Starting Price: AED 205,000

    The premium taxi model of choice in the UAE - the Lexus ES packs a huge range of features with a comfortable, luxurious ride.

  • Lexus RX

    Lexus RX

    Starting Price: AED 245,000

    Offered with either a petrol or hybrid system this five-seater SUV combines a huge range of features with excellent safety.

  • Lexus GX

    Lexus GX

    Starting Price: AED 250,000

    The Toyota Prado-based Lexus GX is a full-sized SUV with a huge range of features and a powerful V8 engine.

  • Lexus RX-L

    Lexus RX-L

    Starting Price: AED 260,000

    Stretched version of the Lexus RX pairs additional seat flexibility with brilliant features and excellent safety.

  • Lexus GS

    Lexus GS

    Starting Price: AED 270,000

    Premium sedan from Lexus is fitted with a fuel-efficient but powerful hybrid setup with a long list of luxurious features.

  • Lexus LS

    Lexus LS

    Starting Price: AED 335,000

    Lexus' most luxurious sedan is an impressive and immersive place to be, whether you prefer to sit in the front or rear.

  • Lexus LC

    Lexus LC

    Starting Price: AED 395,000

    Flagship model from Lexus offers jaw-dropping looks and the choice of V6 hybrid or V8 power.



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