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4 models found

  • Chery Arrizo 3

    Chery Arrizo 3

    Starting Price: AED 31,500

    One of the best-value cars in the UAE allows buyers to experience a brand new car at an affordable price.

  • Chery Arrizo 5 Dubai Sale

    Chery Arrizo 5

    Starting Price: AED 53,445

    Economical medium-sized sedan from Chery gives buyers some good features at a value price.

  • Chery Tiggo 5

    Chery Tiggo 5

    Starting Price: AED 60,795

    The Tiggo 5 is a great choice in the mid-sized SUV market with an appealling combination of value and features.

  • Chery Tiggo 7

    Chery Tiggo 7

    Starting Price: AED 68,145

    The Tiggo 7 is available with either a 2.0l or 1.5l turbocharged engine with a good range of equipment fitted.


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