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Top 5 Safest Sports Cars in the UAE

If you ask any teenager what their favourite car is, the answer will inevitably be one of the many glorious sports cars we are privileged enough to have access to.

While many sports cars represent the pinnacle of engineering achievement in the sense of their speed and ability, this can often come at the expense of safety.

But you can have your cake and eat it too. Read on to discover the safest poster cars available today.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

1. Alfa Romeo Giulia

The highly-acclaimed Alfa Romeo Giulia is one of the best four-door sports cars money can buy with both the Veloce and Quadrifoglio versions providing awesome performance and stunning looks.

All Giulia models are well equipped in terms of general features in addition to having outstanding safety.

All models receive a full 5 Star safety rating with eight airbags and a full suite of active safety features.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia's combination of safety, performance, general features, variant choices, and accessible pricing earn it the number one spot on this list.

# Top Safety Pick

# Most Airbags (Equal with Camaro)

# Top European Safety Pick




2. BMW M5

With independant crash testing being relatively rare in the high-end sports car bracket it's a relief to see BMW taking this step to ensure the safety of its flagship sports sedan.

The BMW M5 combines a spacious, luxurious interior with brutal performance and the assurance of excellent safety for your loved ones.

It's the most feature-packed car on our Top 5 Safest Sports Cars list but also the most expensive with an average price of more than double any other car on the list.

# Fastest Safety Pick

# Top Feature-Packed Safety Pick



Chevrolet Camaro

3. Chevrolet Camaro SS

Those looking for American muscle will be thrilled to see the Chevrolet Camaro SS make the Top 5 Safest Sports Cars in the UAE list.

All Camaro models receive a 5 Star safety rating, but only the V8-powered SS models include a full suite of active safety features such as a crash warning system, blind spot warning, and lane departure alert.

# Most Airbags (Joint with Giulia)

# Top American Safety Pick



Infiniti Q50 Red Sport 400

4. Infiniti Q50 Red Sport 400

Infiniti has featured strongly on all of our Top 5 Safest lists, with excellent safety across the entire brand.

The performance version of the popular Q50 sedan is no exception. The Q50 Red Sport 400 pairs a 400hp twin-turbo V6 engine with a 5 Star safety rating and a full set of active safety features.

# Cheapest Safety Pick

# Top Japanese Safety Pick



Mercedes-AMG A 35

5. Mercedes-AMG A 35

Making its second appearance on one of our Top 5 Safest lists, the Mercedes-AMG A 35 is one of the newest sports cars to join the Mercedes-AMG performance family, and is one of the best small sports cars currently available.

All AMG A 35 models receive a 5 Star safety rating and seven airbags to keep you safe and sound while blasting from 0-100km/h in less than 5 seconds.

# Top Small Sports Car



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